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Starting a Business in Israel

How to realize your ambitions and start a business but avoid financial issues? After all, it is the financial side that scares a lot of newcomers and even stops people from starting their own businesses. 

Fortunately, nowadays it is possible to get help in all business and financial matters. Every aspiring businessman can delegate work with finances to accountants.

Accounting services at Brodetsky Shmuel C.P.A are a godsend for all Israeli entrepreneurs: Professional accountants take over all the work related to the financial support of the business. Furthermore, accounting services help to provide legal assistance and to choose the right business strategy based on the local tax system. This peculiarity is especially important in Israel considering the strictness of local laws.

Range of services

Brodetsly Shmuel C.P.A. as your accounting assistant firm offers the following services: 

  • Assistance with taxes for startups;

  • Financial reports every month;

  • Enhancement of a uniform accounting process to achieve a desired successful result;

  • Financial audit and maintenance;

  • Calculation of salary and other payments to workers;

  • Payroll calculation;

  • Optimization of taxes according to the legislation of Israel;

  • Financial software creation and maintenance.

Fantastic solution for startups

Moreover, the accounting company provides a special program for beginners in the business industry. The team of professionals carries:

  • Analysis and evaluation of the business plan;

  • Forecasts;

  • Recommendations on what legal form of ownership to choose;

  • Full registration process of a new business.

You can further familiarize yourself with the full range of services here:

Brodetsky Shmuel C.P.A. provides excellent value for the money especially for the entrepreneurs from Tel Aviv:

Benefits include:

  • Crew of enthusiastic specialists with years of experience;

  • Transparent and safe activity; 

  • Wide range of accounting services; 

  • Implementation of digital innovations into the working process; 

  • Free consultations. 

Accounting services give you a great possibility to start a business in any niche even if you do not understand the financial side.

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