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Top locations to find or collect scrap metals in the US

Scrap metal prices keep changing from time to time depending on the current national market price trends for scrap metals. The amount you’ll receive from the sale of scrap metals depends on the type of metals you hold and its volume. For instance, the scrap copper prices have been hiking over the last year to hit a multi-year high price ($3.46), and this has been contributed by the increased demand for raw copper metal in industries.

Note that there are those scrap metal buyers who buy any metal in your stock while others deal with specific scrap metals such as copper, Aluminums and steel. It’s therefore imperative to understand the type of metal sold by your buyer even before commencing the deal. The good news is that we’re among the leading scrap metal buyers in the US specializing in high-temperature alloys, industrial metals, both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals, and any other precious metals. As a leading scrap metal recycling company, we’re committed to paying our customers top dollars in addition to dealing with a vast collection of precious scrap metals. Our recent advancement has seen us start recycling aluminum & copper wires of all sizes and kinds. Besides, we deal with stainless steel, so feel free to transact today for competitive prices.

So, which are some of the best places you can find a large volume of scrap metal.

Have you been looking forward to becoming a profitable scrap metal vendor or scrap metal collector? While there is some prominent location you can easily find scrap metals, there are other locations that new scrappers might not prioritize, yet they have great potential. According to municipal solid waste reports, about 35% of scrap metal was recycled in the U.S, and this means that there is a lot of unrecovered scrap metal in the U.S today. Below are popular places you can easily find large quantities of scrap metal to tap into this lucrative deal.

Local Businesses.

Ideally, most small-scale repair enterprises have many obsolete appliances and metal parts that they do not properly dispose of. You’ll be of great help if you can help remove such metals from their property to create more space. Besides, don’t forget to check out the local auto repair and garages instead of focusing solely on large chains. Moreover, check at the dumpsite for the scrap metal at the warehouses and small manufacturing facilities. They dump the damaged steel machines, obsolete conveyors, and other unwanted metal occupying their valuable space. Helping them free the area will be appreciated.

Renovation and construction sites.

Construction and renovation sites are an excellent source for scrap metal, but you better understand that you must first seek written permission from the authority; otherwise, you’ll be accused of stealing scraps. Moreover, if you can manage to convince the construction company or contractor that you’re going to help clean up debris on the site, the better since you both have a win-win deal.

Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Clinics, and related places.

Indeed, there are virtually all sorts of scrap metal in these places. Ranging from old beds, walkers, wheelchairs, fixtures, and other appliances making these places excellent sources for a large quantity of scrap metal you need. You can establish a relationship with the administration by scheduling a meeting to explain your free scrap removal services. Your efforts will be highly welcomed.

Shooting ranges. Contact the administration and inquire if you can help free the space by removing brass shells from their area.

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